Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Game
Price: Free
Version: 3.22.1
Developer: Wildlife Studios

Zooba is a Zoo Battle Royale Game App, and this action-filled game turns the player into a zoo animal who is trying to endure their territory. The game allows you to get a thrilling experience where you will face exciting battles that are filled with enemies who are trying to hold up your development at any cost. In Zooba, defending yourself means being violent and utilizing arms/weapons in each location.

You can select any available animal before starting the game. The animal that you select contains special features that facilitate you to exhaust the other zoo guards or animals. The control system of the Zooba is easy as you just need to touch the left side of the screen to move with the joystick. Alternatively, the action buttons allow you to initiate each attack on the right side.

The game offers you a range of supplies and weapons accessible for each battle. To gather every component, you just have to stand on the circle till it turns green. Also, you can find another useful feature on the top side of the screen where you can look for the number of opponents still standing. It is vital to indicate that you have to wait for a few seconds while reloading your weapon.

Another exclusive feature is that you can use features of each setting to hide in the bushes to protect yourself from the attacks of enemies. But, also, it is important to pay attention to the fire line that restricts the action zone. Furthermore, you can join different sets to take on violent approaches with players globally.

Zooba is a very dynamic game that facilitates you to go into a very busy zoo so that you can destroy all grads and animals. This game strategy offers you entrees to the next levels and advances the features of your character.

You can select your character in Zooba, and each character comes with exclusive strengths, special abilities, and weaknesses. Through this game app, you can test your skills, it is an easy-to-learn game, but very difficult to become an expert. Each zoo character comes with an extraordinary capacity and using these abilities and how you use them will decide the battle course.

You don’t have to play alone as the app allows you to team up with your friends and enjoy your game. Also, you can select your load from different items to improve your gaming skills. If you select the right item, then you are sure to win on your opponent. You can become the Number 1 player if you pass through levels and ascent to the leader boards and win outstanding prizes for your bravery and courage. It is just a game, no real animals are harmed in the creation of this game.


Name: Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Game
Price Free
Version: 3.22.1
Developer Wildlife Studios
Category: Action
Package: com.wildlife.games.battle.royale.free.zooba


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  • Select from 20 fun characters, including crafty fox, nix, pepper the doubtful giraffe, and more
  • Upgrade your items and character
  • Fight against forty-five other players from different game modes
  • VIP of the Zoo get more rewards
  • Reach the higher rank to get free prizes


  • Best Mobile Game
  • Easy-to-play


  • Not any specified cons on Zooba yet


Zoo Battle Royale Game is a thrilling mobile game that is easy to play. The performance of the Zoo Battle Royale Game App is good and it facilitates players to use different setting options. The game support is best through the mail. Download the free app today and enjoy the game.