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Your Phone Companion


    Your Phone Companion
    Price: Free
    Version: Varies with device
    Developer: Microsoft Corporation


    Computers and mobile phones are on the list of revolutionary gadgets for convincing reasons. Initially, their utility was confined to stay connected with far-off people. But, gradually, with time and advancements, from the basic 0G mobile phones to today’s smartphones, everyone has come a long way. Yes, these handheld devices are amazingly purposeful, and people cannot live without them at all nowadays. But also, it is an accepted fact that cell phones cannot be the perfect substitutes for a Personal Computer.

    So, the real question is how to manage both the gadgets? Isn’t it tricky to use both of them to cherish their benefits together? Well, it can be done in a blink of an eye! Installing a fabulously functional app can derive these dual advantages. The name is none other than Your Phone Companion.

    Features of Your Phone Companion

    Computers have large screens that are easier to work on instead of tiny mobile phones. Especially in this work from home, online studies, and other virtual activities, looking at the small screens can be eye-soring. Also, several features of various apps or websites cannot be operated on mobile phones. All such hurdles can only be solved by working on laptops or computers. This is what Your Phone Companion can be used for.

    • Links PC- Your Phone Companion helps to connect the PC with the mobile phone. Isn’t it such a relief to be able to access everything on the larger screen? Install this app and enjoy the ease of viewing the whole smartphone on the computer.
    • Phone Calls- This is probably the best highlight of this app. It allows making and taking calls on the PC. Corporate conferences and long-distance video chats have become such a comfortable thing to do via this efficient app.
    • Data Transfer- Shun the hassle of finding the right data transfer wire. Modern phones usually have cables and ports that cannot be attached to the laptop, making it difficult to exchange files. Instead, move photos, videos, other files to and fro both the gadgets with this app.
    • Easy Access- It also enables editing of the mobile files by easy-viewing on the bigger screen. One may also use the apps on the smartphones efficiently on the PC. Almost anything can be done on the laptop that a person wants to do from the phone.


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    Name: Your Phone Companion
    Price Free
    Version: Varies with device
    Developer Microsoft Corporation
    Category: Productivity



    Security Verified

    5,008,362 total


    Pros of Your Phone Companion

    • Free
    • Easy setup
    • Quick to use
    • Efficient Sync
    • Android compatible
    • Wireless connection
    • Push notifications
    • Suitable for all users
    • Supports popular calling apps

    Cons of Your Phone Companion

    • Mirror screening
    • iOS shows safety concerns
    • Available for only Windows 10
    • All mobile phone apps may not work

    Your Phone Companion works as great as its name. It is indeed one of the most useful apps to have on a smartphone. This has certainly made messaging and calling possible via a PC without any mess of the wires. Touchless switching over the two most-used screens is what the developers have intended and executed via this creation. One can surely give this app a try and relish the pros.