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Video Downloader, Private File Downloader & Saver


The Finest and Most Secure Free HD Video Downloader and File Saver for You. It would be the ideal video downloader option for you to go with because the download speed is four times faster than average and the files are completely safe.

Do you want to be able to effortlessly manage all of the data that you download using the video downloader software, in addition to downloading videos and photographs from social media sites? What about sending your pals the links to the videos and blogs that you have downloaded? It is never a sign of excessive greed to ask for all of them. owing to the fact that the Free Video Downloader & Video Saver program is all that you require. There is only one video downloader you need!

Are you sick of difficult and risky methods for downloading videos and saving stuff from the internet? You should give this Video Downloader and Video Saver a try! Downloading, storing, and sharing videos from social media platforms is now simpler than it has ever been. Extremely quick and without any cost!


  • The quickest video downloader available to save videos and other files from the internet while remaining stable and secure.
  • Enable downloading in several threads, which will significantly speed up the process of downloading videos.
  • Select a range of resolutions, allowing you to choose between minimizing file size in order to conserve space and seeing high-definition (HD) content.
  • You can download numerous files at once as well as videos while they are downloading in the background. Integrated web browser and integrated file management system. Downloads can be paused, resumed, and removed. One video downloader tool allows users to rename, play, share, and delete the downloaded files.
  • This video downloader features a private folder for your media. Make your own personal folder and protect it with a password. Using our extremely discreet and protected video downloading program, you can keep your personal information hidden while still protecting your media.

Video Downloader, Private File Downloader & Saver

Developer: Video Downloader, Saver & Player Studio

Price: Free

Rating: 4.3

Available version: 1.20.5

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the Video Downloader, Private File Downloader & Saver app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


  • This software is a mobile application that will not modify the system settings of your phone.
  • We provide the official Apple Store download link.
  • All apk downloads obtained from our website are 100% safe.
  • There are no trademarks or logos belonging to their respective owners on the website. None of them are connected to or associated with this website.
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It is a video downloader with a high downloading speed for your Android device. With only one swipe, this video downloader tool will enable you download and store any high-definition videos that are hosted on the homepage of your social network accounts. Extremely quick, completely risk-free, and totally free! Every video format imaginable and a wide range of resolutions can be seen. You may play all of the videos that you downloaded with the built-in video player, alter the speed at which videos are played again, toggle the repeat video mode, and even convert videos into audios in an extremely simple manner.

It also functions as a useful file manager for all of the videos and other stuff that you have downloaded. Within the video downloader and video saver, you will have the ability to simply download, manage, repost, play, share, and delete any and all of your video files. Download the videos you like best so you may watch them whenever and wherever you choose. The greatest tool for backing up the videos you upload to social media and for sharing those videos with your friends and followers. You may also switch between light and dark themes, modify the place where your videos are downloaded, and there is a lot more waiting for you to discover.


Just began using it, but everything has been amazing so far. Using the All Video Downloader program, I was successful in downloading a video that was not found on the first try. 1+yr Follow-up: There are more advertisements than I would want, but the app is free, and the advertisements are similar to the advertising experience on YouTube without interrupting the middle of the film so far. I have been unable to rotate the view on the browser to the landscape orientation.


Does not download videos from YouTube, and all of the videos that you are able to download are saved in the android/data/ root folder. Since direct access to this folder requires the use of another software (like Cx File Explorer), I can only give this app three points. Naturally, if Google would stop trying to regulate what we can access on our phones (especially in the case when the phone has already been paid for), this would be one less problem to worry about.