It is possible to use the quick messaging app known as Telegram on a variety of different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. You are not restricted in any way when using Telegram to send a large number of messages, videos, or other files of a variety of formats (doc, zip, pdf, and so on) at a high rate of speed.

There is no need for you to be concerned about losing your message history because it is possible to synchronize it in the cloud across all of your devices. In addition, Telegram places a high priority on protecting your privacy by providing you with the ability to encrypt and delete messages at any time.


  • Telegram is the fastest messaging app currently available, connecting users through a one-of-a-kind and globally distributed network of data centers.
  • You can access your messages across all of your devices—phones, tablets, and computers—at the same time thanks to synchronization. Because Telegram apps are self-contained, you do not need to keep your phone connected in order to use them. You can begin typing on one device, and then switch to another to complete the message. Your data will never be lost again.
  • You are able to send files and media without any restrictions placed on the types of files or the size of those files. Your entire conversation history won’t take up any space on your device’s hard drive because it will be safely stored in the cloud by Telegram for as long as you require it to be there.
  • We have made it our mission to provide the highest possible level of security while maintaining an intuitive user interface. Everything on Telegram, including chats, groups, media, and other types of content, is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. This protects all data transmitted on the platform.
  • Telegram provides a fully documented and free API for developers, open source apps, and verifiable builds to demonstrate that the app you download was constructed using the exact same source code that was published. All of these features are available without cost and are open to the public.


Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP

Price: Free

Rating: 4.4

Available version: 4.4.1

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the Telegram app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


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Secret Chats are available on Telegram for users who prioritize the highest possible level of confidentiality. Secret Chat messages can be made to automatically delete themselves from both of the devices that are participating in the conversation. You are able to send messages, photos, videos, and even files using this method, all of which are deleted after being viewed. End-to-End Encryption is utilized by Secret Chats to ensure that a message can only be read by the individual who is intended to receive it.


OVERALL It’s time to step up your game if you’re sick of companies like Facebook reading your messages (yes, they really do), because the reality is that they do. Both Telegram and Signal are excellent messaging apps, with Telegram being the more user-friendly and polished of the two. The chats on Telegram utilize two different modes. Messages sent through the standard mode are encrypted before being saved on their servers. Messages sent while your device is set to “padlock” mode are encrypted and saved locally. Both modes are secure; however, in the “padlock” mode, if you buy a tablet and install Telegram on it, the app won’t show your messages from other devices, even if you use the same account on multiple devices. Remember to enable touch ID on your phone, iPad, and macOS device, as well as Telegram, because if you don’t, anyone who gets their hands on your device could potentially read your conversations. SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENT FOR DEVS There is room for one enhancement: when you share content using iOS, the app ought to display both the typical and a “padlock” icon to denote a private conversation. If you don’t, you’ll end up having separate conversations with each of your friends. Up until that point, you will need to choose share, then Telegram, and then manually select the appropriate chat. Additionally, the color of the “read” checkmark should be customizable, and it should be emphasized. Alternately, you could use a “o” for unread and a check mark for read.