Price: Free
Version: Varies with device
Developer: Apple, Inc.

Music is a lovely form of art appreciated by every person in every corner of the world. From kids to oldies, there is something for every age group. Be it fitness motivational beats or heart-wrenching melodies, pop waking rhythms or calmness infusing lullabies, romance conveying songs or trippy trance tunes, devotional hymns or crazy raps, no genre is left untouched here. Sometimes, it may so happen that a person is listening to a song and loves it straightaway. But, it used to get so annoying not getting to know the title of the track. Thankfully, Shazam came in and solved such suspense.

How does Shazam work?

In the simplest words, it is an app that helps to recognize any kind of music or song being played around. It helps to search the details of the unknown track like the song, artist, etc. There isn’t any rocket science or a hard nut to crack kind of technique behind using Shazam. The easy peasy steps to use this app are:-

  • Open this fantastic app on a smartphone.
  • Tap the ‘Shazam’ button when a song is playing around.
  • It traces the lyrics and finds the relevant info.
  • After matching the lyrics with the internet database, details are displayed.
  • Voila! Get the name of the song, singer, and other related info.


Name: Shazam
Price Free
Version: Varies with device
Developer Apple, Inc.
Category: Music & Audio


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Highlighting features

Besides songs, it can also help to identify movies, shows, and ads. Just record and send the short clip in the app to get the job done. Reported to have more than 200 million active users per month, this is certainly a big thing for any app. The credit to such massive growth goes to the exemplary features like:-

  • Devices- Though the Apple company acquired this app, it is available on Android and iOS. This means that Mac, iPad, etc., everything is supported. However, the versions may be available differently.
  • Trends- Shazam is not just about tracing the songs running in the surroundings. It also tells about trending songs. This is an amazing option because who does not want to groove to the latest beats or feel the magic of popular music.
  • Social Media- It is another impressive feature of this music app. There is an option to link the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The facility is extended in a way that the users can track what are their friends Shazaming.
  • Specialities- Like a good app, it has several brownie points therein. Not just mobile phones, it connects well with smartwatches also. Buy tickets for the upcoming concerts from this portal. It also keeps the history of tags to enable easy surfing.


  • Ad-free
  • Easy navigation
  • Highly accurate
  • Displays lyrics concurrently
  • Discovers music etc. instantly


  • GPS usage drains out the battery
  • Cannot detect humming songs
  • Reported to be slow on very less occasions

There are not many opposed comments about this app. It is simple and does the job just right. Say goodbye to anonymous songs stuck in your head. Open the app and get the details. Yes, it is that easy. Happy Shazaming!