Scary Teacher 3D
Price: Free
Version: 5.18.2
Developer: Z & K Games

Scary Teacher 3D is a Game App, and the game is about an evil teacher who always startling children, sometimes punishing them, and giving physical punishment. Parents should know that this Scary Teacher 3D game is an adventure game and it is created for Android and iOS devices. The game tells you the story of a genius girl and her scary high school teacher. Some features of the game make parents think twice to let their kids play the game as it includes breaking into a house, physical violence, playing very mean tricks on their teacher, etc.

The scary evil teacher makes kids’ life miserable by giving tough physical punishments and when this teacher relocated to your neighborhood, you decided to take revenge on this teacher and teach her a lesson by startling her. Scary Teacher 3D game app offers smooth simulators and controls, and the game is easy to play and it seems to be a very realistic game. The authentic graphical visualization of this scary game makes the game even more exciting, and the realistic sounds give you a thrilling experience. The user interface of this game is very comprehensible which gives players a fantastic experience when they use it.

This 3D scary game gives you an efficient and easy-to-use control, and it allows you to concentrate on the most vital things. It offers a user-friendly interface, and the game can be played on your Smartphone at any time and anywhere. Initially, the game can be downloaded on iPhone as it support the iOS operating system, but now it supports other devices too.

The Scary Teacher 3D game story begins with a smart girl and her scary high school teacher, and the game is all about taking revenge on a teacher who used to threaten her school kids by giving severe punishments and sometimes tormenting kids. Now, it is your chance to take revenge on this teacher as she relocated to your neighborhood, it’s high time to teach the scary teacher a lesson by frightening her.

What should be perfect revenge? You can scarily warn this Scary teacher by performing different actions and liberating pets that are under her care. You should finish the tasks within a limited time and without getting caught.

Miss T is the Scary Teacher, and her house has 15 rooms, and every room contains some unresolved mystery. You will find threatened pets, victim kids’ pictures, chocolates, and chocolate cake. Also, you should know that there is a ‘Basement’ that has something startling


Name: Scary Teacher 3D
Price Free
Version: 5.18.2
Developer Z & K Games
Category: Simulation
Package: com.zakg.scaryteacher.hellgame


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  1. Fifteen different rooms and obscurities to solve
  2. Easy Controls
  3. Start world style communicating house
  4. Horror themes that are perfect for kids of all age groups


  • Easy-to-play and user-friendly interface
  • Supports iPhone and iOS operating system


  • No cons about this 3D scary teacher game


The Scary Teacher 3D Creepy Game is easy-to-play and the performance of this 3D game is excellent. This 3D Scary Teacher game allows mobile users to utilize the setting option, and the support is good through the mail. Now, you can download this exciting Scary Teacher 3D Creepy game app for free, don’t wait for any longer download today and enjoy the revenge.