Numberzilla: Number Match Game
Price: Free
Developer: Appsulove

Numberzilla is a Number Match Game App that allows you to play the best number puzzle with the actual challenge. It is considered to be the best and top numbers game and millions of players globally are enjoying this real challenging number puzzle game. It is one of the best brain teasers that you might have been familiar with in your childhood has come back with more challenging puzzles and good old rules that you are familiar with and came with the latest witty look.

Numberzilla is a very popular online game as many players are getting addicted to this game. Also, this relaxing number puzzle game helps you strengthen your mental health and help you relax after a long working day. Now, you can enjoy everyday achievements and unravel interesting badges, which gives you the best gaming experience.

Numberzilla number match online game offers cute mascot friends including Sassy Avocado, Smart Croissant, Watermelon Warrior, etc., to guide you and explain the rules of the game. These mascot friends keep track of your achievements and results.

If you are wondering how you play this Numberzilla game, then you should know that the logic is easy to understand.

Here is how you play the game:

– Cut off the same number pairs like (2-2, 4-4, and 3-3) or the numbers that add up to 10 like 3+7, 8-2, etc. Remove the two numbers by tapping on the number one by one.

– In this online number puzzle game, the pairs must be placed side by side, and you can cut off them horizontally, vertically. Also, you can wipe out the two numbers if a number is placed on the last box in the line and another number is placed on the first box in the subsequent line of the grid.

– You should aim to cross out every number and empty the board.

– When you couldn’t wipe out any more two numbers, then the remaining numbers on the board can be added once the game is finished

You get Three Modes:

– Classic: The classic mode is a limitless mode, where you can get unlimited time and place to store record scores. In case, if you have no ore moves, then add additional lines to the bottom of the grid.

– Survival: This mode offers limited field, and like the Tetris game, numbers fall. Once the game board is full, then you lose the game

– Dynamic: In this mode, once you touch the maximum amount of numbers, then you can shuffle them and make it to another level.


Name: Numberzilla: Number Match Game
Price Free
Developer Appsulove
Category: Board
Package: com.appcraft.number.puzzle


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  • You can play this number puzzle game all-day
  • Fun
  • Paying for no ads for this online game is worth it
  • Hours of relaxation
  • Great Concept


  • Too many ads
  • Great game but a bit annoying game
  • Some annoying glitches


Numberzilla number game is also called Numberama. You can play the game either offline or online and it takes just ten seconds to play the game. You get a grid of numbers, and you have to pair the matching number or pairs that add up to 10. If you match two numbers, then the tiles dissolve from the board. The row dissolves when the entire row is empty.