News Break


By providing you with daily breaking events, local news, weather, videos, and other things that you might find interesting, News Break keeps you up to date and keeps you informed. All of the material comes from over 10,000 trustworthy sources, including CNN, NBC, Fox News, BuzzFeed, and a lot of other news organisations.

You can get the Android and iOS versions of News Break from the Google Play Store and the App Store, respectively. The apk file for the app is also accessible for download through the URL that we have provided below. News Break will compile articles specifically suited to your interests, allowing you to skip the searching and go straight to the reading.


  • You are kept up to date with the latest information regarding major world events, as well as local and national news, as well as the weather.
  • It uses an artificial intelligence system called Interests Engine to deliver material that is specifically matched to your interests.
  • If you have News Break installed on your phone, you will be able to locate local businesses such as restaurants, markets, and shops much more rapidly.
  • You may view a variety of popular films and gifs that have gone viral right here.
  • The information presented here comes from over 10,000 reliable sources.
  • You are able to prevent access to websites or sources that are uninteresting to you.

News Break

Developer: Particle Media Inc.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5

Available version: 4.4.7

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the News Break app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


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The application can be used on Apple Watch, although just a portion of its functionalities are available.

  • Find out about the most recent events on the display of your watch.
  • “Reading” articles is made easier using the text-to-speech function.


This application has been one of my go-tos for the past few months, and my phone ensures that it is always up to date. It’s unusual to come across an application that is so reliable that it never freezes or does anything else wrong, but in my experience, not even a single issue has arisen since I downloaded it, not even after the most recent update. You obviously have the option of either downloading the Local News Station apps from the App Store, which is also an available option. Personally, I have them both downloaded on all of my devices, along with this fantastic application that provides a wide range of local and statewide news headlines. I rated News Break with five stars for several reasons, one of which is that it does not simply provide you with local news stories that you may subsequently see on television. Providing a wide range of news content from all throughout your state, most of which you are unlikely to ever see in a traditional news outlet. They developed this app so that readers may get all of the news stories from locally, including those from near your location, in a single, easy-to-use location, which, in my opinion, makes this the most comprehensive local news app ever created. Also, they are constantly releasing new updates on News Break in order to solve various minor issues, despite the fact that the game is currently in an ideal state and that it does not cost anything to play based on what I have seen of it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! The devices that I use on a daily basis that have this app installed are my iPhone XS Max 256GB and my iPad 9.7″ 128GB.