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You are able to create a backup of all of your files, including photos, music, documents, and videos, on your device using MediaFire, and then you are able to easily access those files anywhere at any time.

The MediaFire application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iOS Store, depending on the user’s operating system. In addition to simplifying the process of backing up your files, MediaFire also makes it simple for you to quickly distribute copies of those files via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.


  • Every user will receive 12 GB of free storage space, and there are a variety of activities, such as installing mobile or desktop clients, sharing files, and others, that can earn you up to 50 GB of additional storage space.
  • After installation, MediaFire will routinely and continuously back up all of your videos and photographs.
  • The option to “Share to MediaFire” makes it possible for you to upload files whenever and wherever you want, regardless of location.
  • Your mobile device, desktop computer, tablet, or the web itself can all be used to view any and all types of documents, stream videos, and listen to audio.
  • It enables you to quickly search through all of your files and folders, as well as create folders to manage files and use for organization.
  • You can also share files via text message, email, Facebook, Twitter, and many more services when you use MediaFire.


Developer: MediaFire

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5

Available version: 4.2.8

How to uninstall the application:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Go into the Applications Manager
  3. Uninstall the MediaFire app by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.


  • This software is a mobile application that will not modify the system settings of your phone.
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The primary purpose of the free account on MediaFire, which does not require users to actually download anything, is to back up their files. The MediaFire Business account’s storage can be accessed by all sub-accounts, which makes it convenient for multiple users working for the same company to simultaneously manage files.


A good number of years ago, I signed up for a MediaFire account. And I still have many different kinds of files that I’ve kept over the years. I am aware that it is never not present. In addition to that, I am always confident that it is safe. Because of this brand-new app, I am now able to automatically upload everything from my iPhone. I have quite the collection of videos, still images, and animated gifs. And in addition to that, I make a significant amount of my own. This is such a wonderful app, and its storage capacity is significantly higher than that of so many other similar apps. And it doesn’t have any bugs either. It is present, and in addition to that, it moves very quickly.

The MediaFire app for iOS is one of my absolute favorites because of how user-friendly and straightforward it is, but there is one feature that is severely lacking: the capability to transfer files and content from other apps to the MediaFire app. In order to access this functionality, I need to use third-party applications like Google Drive and Dropbox. Only the photos and videos currently stored on my camera roll are accessible for uploading at this point.