Golf Clash
Price: Free
Version: 2.44.2
Developer: Playdemic

Golf Clash is a Game App that gives you the best golf experience. In the Golf Clash game, you should try to put the ball in the hole quicker than your opponent. It is a golf dueling game and you will win when you finish the game first by putting the ball in the hole.
This Golf Clash Game app has got plenty of positive reviews, and it got an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. Golf Clash is a very famous online game developed by Playdemic. This game app has a YouTube channel where you can find videos on games, tricks, and tips to improve your gaming skills.

The real-time to play this game is when the sun is shining, and it is one of the best multiplayer golf games that everyone wants to play. You have to play Golf Clash against players from all over the world, as you play in tournaments, 1v1 games, and contest with your FB friends. In the Golf Clash app, you can also unlock tours and upgrade your clubs once you become an expert and improve your golfing skills, and once you become a master, then you are sure to become Golf Clash King. Now, with this free Golf Clash app, you can play quick-fire duels and enjoy the game.

According to BAFTA Golf Clash is the “Best Mobile Game” and it got the “Game of the Year” Mobile Games Award in 2018. The gameplay of Golf Clash is a real-time online game. The game includes online challenges, tournaments with a global leader board, and friends.

The gameplay comprises hitting a golf ball into the hole with a golf club in just a few possible shots. Also, the game includes different balls, clubs, and courses. The golf game offers a large range of clubs including iron, wood, and putters. It also includes balls like fairway woods & irons and drivers. The Golf Clash courses include sand traps, bunkers, and water holes.

The Golf Clash game features a range of game modes. The key game approach is the ‘Tournament’ approach. This approach permits players to select their character, the course, their club, and the number of holes.

The graphics of the Golf Clash game is designed very well and with every detail to make it look like a real Golf Course.

The online game’s replayability is not clear by the number of rounds, but the design of the game engine controls the gameplay. The online Golf Clash game is designed for online players so that they can play the same course, and the impediments are placed randomly. The player has to have different strategies for each course, as it is a game with great replayability.


Name: Golf Clash
Price Free
Version: 2.44.2
Developer Playdemic
Category: Sports


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  • Radical shot system, which is simple to learn but hard to master
  • Quick-fire real-time1v1 gameplay
  • Get more radical tours when you ‘raise the stakes’
  • Large range of golf courses, and every month new courses added
  • Become a Golf King by participating in Global Golf Tournaments that happen every two weeks
  • Get the Golden Shot
  • Unlock to gain power, curl, spin, new clubs, and balls, and more features


  • Real-time gameplay
  • Multiplayer


  • Not everyone is a golf lover


Golf Clash is an online golf game. It offers a lot of potential and fun to players who want to discover their gaming skills. This online game is designed well and the graphic makes the game look more realistic. Download the Golf Clash App today and become a master soon.