DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
Price: Free
Version: 5.116.0
Developer: DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo has been providing the best all-in-one privacy app for millions of people for over a decade. It is one of the best alternatives to Google search, which has been serving around 20 billion unspecified searches. DuckDuckGo took a major step in 2018 to streamline online privacy along with the promotion of a completely refurbished version of their mobile app and browser extension, with smarter encryption, built-in tracker, private search, Privacy Grade website rantings, etc.

The all-in-one privacy app created by DuckDuckGo is also popularly known as Privacy Essentials, as it controls all the major companies like Facebook and Google who constantly monitor all your internet activities when you browse the website. This all-in-one privacy app is designed to work impeccably, without disturbing your web experience by stalling all these companies that are trying to invade your privacy.

From chief echo chambers, data breaches, and influence through targeted ads, which reminds you that your information is not safe online. These notices have legally made internet privacy a general concern. However, to take control of your online privacy and internet search, then you must get this DuckDuckGo all-in-one privacy app as it is one the best and simple solutions to take control of your online privacy.

For Chrome and Firefox, this app is obtainable as a browser extension on desktop, and on mobile, it is an app on Android and iOS. DuckDuckGo browser extension is for laptop or desktop use and it is additional to the main browsers. DuckDuckGo mobile app is a browser that comes with privacy built-in features and it also includes required normal browser functionality. Also, the fire button facilitates you to remove everything with one hit.

The new browser offers continuous protection from mediator trackers when you browse and search, and it also controls tracking when you receive email or if you are using other apps on your mobile or laptop/desktop. DuckDuckGo guarantees that your privacy is safe when you use their all-in-one privacy app.


Name: DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
Price Free
Version: 5.116.0
Developer DuckDuckGo
Category: Tools


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  • DuckDuckGo provides a built-in Private Search that allows you to search and browse the web safely without being traced.
  • The Tracker Radar feature facilitates you escape website tracking by blocking hidden mediator trackers automatically. With this privacy app, you can stop the companies who are stealing your data and selling it to others.
  • The Smarter Encryption feature forces the websites that you visit to use an encrypted connection, which protects your data from third-party interference.
  • The Beta or Block Email Trackers feature blocks the trackers completely. Around 70-percent of emails track you immediately when you open them. Email protection feature is the best way to block tracker and hide your address without moving services. Also, this feature blocks hidden app trackers and stops them from invading your privacy.


  • Creates a privacy-engrossed environment
  • Allows you to integrate the app as an extension into Chrome
  • Includes no search results or personalized ads


  • You will still view ads in your searches
  • Doesn’t include any protection from malware, viruses, other internet dangers, or ransomware


DuckDuckGo reliable than Google but an all-in-one privacy app extension to Goggle can make the search more privacy-friendly. The privacy app is designed to protect your privacy while searching or browsing online.