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Crush Them All

Prepare for an exciting and addictive adventure in Crush Them All. Developed by Godzilab, Crush Them All is a mobile game that combines RPG and idle clicker elements to deliver a thrilling gameplay experience. Dive into a vibrant fantasy world filled with heroes, monsters, and epic battles as you embark on a quest to conquer the realm.

In Crush Them All, players assemble a team of powerful heroes and lead them into battle against hordes of enemies. The game features charming pixel art graphics, captivating gameplay, and a vast array of heroes to collect and upgrade. Progress through challenging stages, defeat mighty bosses, and unlock new heroes with unique abilities to strengthen your team.

Crush Them All
Crush Them All
Rating: 4.1
Downloads: 5,000,000+
Category: Role Playing
Developer: Imperia Online JSC

How to Play

Playing Crush Them All is simple yet engaging, allowing players to progress even when they’re not actively playing. Here’s a guide on how to embark on your epic adventure:

  1. Build Your Team: Start by recruiting a diverse group of heroes to join your cause. Each hero possesses distinct abilities and powers. Explore the various hero classes, such as warriors, mages, archers, and more, and create a well-balanced team. Strategically mix and match heroes to take advantage of their synergies and maximize your team’s combat effectiveness.
  2. Idle Battles: Crush Them All features an idle gameplay mechanic, which means your heroes will continue to fight automatically even when you’re not actively playing. Assemble your team, set them on a path of destruction, and watch as they defeat enemies and progress through stages. Collect gold and other valuable resources to upgrade your heroes and unlock new abilities.
  3. Strategic Upgrades: Continuously improve your heroes’ power by upgrading their skills, equipment, and artifacts. Collect resources through battles and use them to enhance your heroes’ abilities, increase their stats, and unlock powerful new skills. Experiment with different upgrade paths to find the optimal strategy for your team.
  4. Join Guilds and Compete: Team up with other players by joining a guild. Collaborate with guild members to take on challenging guild raids and earn rewards. Participate in guild events and climb the leaderboards to prove your team’s dominance. Engage in friendly competition and compare your progress with fellow players.
  5. Tournaments and Events: Crush Them All offers exciting tournaments and events that provide additional challenges and rewards. Test your skills against other players in tournament battles and aim for the top ranks. Participate in limited-time events to earn exclusive heroes, gear, and other valuable resources.
  6. Discover the Adventure: Unveil the captivating storyline of Crush Them All as you progress through the game. Explore diverse environments, battle fearsome bosses, and uncover hidden treasures. Complete quests and achievements to earn extra rewards and unlock new content. With regular updates, there’s always something new to discover in the realm.


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Crush Them All provides an immersive and rewarding experience for RPG and idle game fans alike. With its charming pixel art style, strategic gameplay, and a wide variety of heroes to collect, the game offers hours of entertainment. So assemble your team, unleash their powers, and embark on an epic quest to Crush Them All!