Price: Free
Version: 1.0.31
Developer: Alpha Exploration Co.

The Clubhouse is a popular social audio app though it is not a social media app still it is categorized with the other conventional social media apps such as Messenger, Facebook, Discord, and WhatsApp. This Clubhouse is an endless discussion app.

The Clubhouse is broadly used by celebrities who are the initial adopters and supporters of the platform. Some people call this Clubhouse app is a present darling of a Silicon Valley that has valued around one billion dollars during the recent investment race.

The endless conversation topics in Clubhouse include Regular habits of the Entrepreneur, Healing Trauma, BTGV by Edi Callier, Queens of Crypto, and more.

The Clubhouse is completely different from any social media network, it is like an anti-Facebook, it doesn’t include any text comments or likes. The major difference between other social media apps and Clubhouse is it’s a mix of morality (app stops you from recording, so nothing is recorded) and voice understanding without video, which means complete transparency.

The Clubhouse is an app for drop-in audio and casual conversations with your friends and other people worldwide who like discussions. It is a place to listen to interesting talks, conversations with the most famous people in the world. It is also a place to make new friends from different fields, it is not just audio or social media as the app facilitates you to put forward your voice among thousands of listeners.

Through the Clubhouse app, you can find many audio rooms filled with interesting and awe-inspiring conversations. You can find talks on every topic including crypto, meditation, bluegrass, fashion, movies, green energy, social justice, and more. If you are not satisfied with finding the right topic, then you can as well start your topic and connect with the people who think similarly.

This app allows you to share your thoughts, and you can easily connect to the rooms while walking in a park, commuting, or walking your dog. If you want to ask anything, then just raise your hand or just relax and listen to your favorite topic.

With this Clubhouse App, you can share amazing moments and listen to any live podcast conversations. Also, you can share best Replays or create and share clips of fav moments with your groups and friends.

The Clubhouse is just the right place to create memorable moments with other people from all over the world. This is just the app that you need to feel better than ever, get this app and join the community right away, you are sure to have loads of entertainment.


Name: Clubhouse
Price Free
Version: 1.0.31
Developer Alpha Exploration Co.
Category: Social


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  • The Clubhouse App allows any individual to participate in interesting conversations
  • It allows you to share music
  • A range of topics and clubs to follow
  • Powerful communities, particularly people who are discriminate against people by their color


  • The app does provide a recording option.
  • A bit clout-chasing, hallow atmosphere


The Clubhouse app facilitates individuals to join audio rooms. Members could see effective hangouts where the people following are participating in the discussion. Members in rooms can pay attention to the talk, and they can see the speaker through their profile pic. If you are looking to find more details about the speaker, then just click on their profile pic to find mini-biography.