Candy Crush Saga is an extremely popular and addictive puzzle game, which is cherished, by millions of people across the world. It lets the player experience adventure in a world of candies. It is an interesting game that involves switching and matching candies.

When they are matched the players are rewarded with candy combos and when more than four are matched a player gets a power-up, now the player can blast the power-up and collect a huge number of candies and progress in higher levels of the game.

A player also enjoys soothing music in the background while playing and the sound when the candies are crushed triggers the player to play more.


  • In the Candy Kingdom, there are thousands of levels and puzzles, which are added every month.
  • Candy crush saga brings sugar-coated challenges which collect the ingredients, Target Score, Clear the jelly
  • The game rewards every progress of the player
  • It is a social game, a player gets an option to invite more players
  • It is a free game. Nothing is charged for the higher levels

With the increasing levels, the game gets more challenging more interesting. Losing of life is yet another challenging feature of the game. A player gets five lives if the task is not completed within the five lives that is given then the player has to wait for half an hour to gain life again


  • Candy Crush is a free game with no charges
  • The size of the game is small so almost every mobile supports the game
  • When connected with social media account the player gets to know his/her rank in the game
  • There are already 2500 levels in this game and more are added so new challenges are always waiting for the players
  • The game can be played online so there is no hang in the game
  • The game doesn’t fill the memory rapidly as there is a small bin file in this game
  • It is a very tricky game so that the player can learn the tricks, which may help to increase his IQ.


  • The game has to be played carefully as the moves of the game are small.
  • The player can only play up to five lives. When the five lives are lost, the player has to wait for another 30 minutes to regain the lives and play further
  • The game needs to be connected with Facebook and Google and a player doesn’t have any account then the gaming data would not be saved


Candy Crush saga is a stress relief game. One can rewind oneself from work by playing the game but continuous gaming can result in addiction. For young players, it may work well on their brains as they can learn about the strategies and tricks.

The initial levels of the game can be played easily and players of the game can uncomplicatedly achieve three stars when candies are crashed and matched.

The game has become popular in just a few years and it is a common game found in every smart device. If you have not downloaded it yet, you can easily get it from the Apps Store or Play Store.